The complex cuneiform tablet in the picture is considered the oldest cookbook, found in the city of Babylon from the Hammurabi era back in 1750 BC. 

The cookbook contains 25 recipes which 21 of them are about cooking beef, goat, pork, deer, fish, birds, and eggs; other 4 are about cooking vegetables. It contains the list of components, spices, and herbs, but it doesn't provide instruction on how to cook and cooking time needed for each meal.

As you see in the second picture, Mesopotamians are known to have sophisticated kitchens; in the ancient times as well as modern days.

At the Assyrian Food Festival, you will have the opportunity to try the following delicious appetizers, main dishes and desserts!!



Walk through the Assyrian History Exhibit

Enjoy a class of wine at the Wine Bar

Try every food selection - we are sure you'll go for seconds! 

Taste exotic teas, coffee and pastries at the original Samovar Alley

  Kids can bounce around in the inflatable jump houses at the Kidzone!

Join us during our folklore dancing - its ok if you don't know the steps!



The following singers will be performing at this years Assyrian Food Festival.

Shuttles will be available to provide free roundtrip transportation service from the Tamien Cal-train parking lot, located on 1355 Lick Avenue, to the Assyrian Food Festival.  They will run during the two day event,continuously starting from 10:30am to 9:30pm.


If you miss the shuttle, the Tamien Cal-train is just a few blocks away from the Assyrian Food Festival location, which is walking distance.  You are also able to park within the resident streets, however please make sure that you are not blocking a residents driveway.  Your car will be towed at your own expense.


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